The Society was established in 1947 and since the first ever President was elected there has been subsequent Presidents drawn from all areas of the Engineering professions, from a variety of engineering sectors in the York locality, as can be seen below:

Past Presidents

1947-49       J Taylor-Thompson MC MICE JP

1949-50       W A Crocker CEng FIEE

1950-51       F H Nichills MSc CEng  MIGasE

1951-52       C J Minter OBE MIMunE FIMechE MTPI

1952-53       H A Gibbon CEng MIEE

1953-54       H R Garth CEng AMICE

1954-55        J Dossor CEng FICE FIMechE FIStructE FIMunE MconsE

1955-56       T Duerden BSc(Tech) CEng FIEE AMIMechE

1956-57       A Dean CBE MSc DIC CEng AMICE

1957-58       E Clayton CEng AMIMechE

1958-59       Brigadier W F Anderson CBE MC

1959-60       W N W Piercy CEng FIMechE

1960-61       A F Wigram CEng MIEE MIRSE

1961-62       F J B Ward

1962-63       G C Lickley CEng MIMechE

1963-64       J Dunkley CEng MIMechE MIWE

1964-65      G G F Halliwell CEng MIEE MIRSE

1965-66      R S Bellhouse CEng MIMunE MTPI

1966-67      H C Steeples CEng FICE

1967-68      C J Wharhirst

1968-69      G H Warne CEng MIEE

1969-70      N F Truscott CEng FICE

1970-71      C D Macmillan BSc(Eng) CEng FIMechE MIProdE

1971-72      M F Barbey FICE

1972-73      J R Richards CEng MICE AMBIM

1973-74      E J Muncer CEng MIEE

1974-75      A C Hounam CEng FIMechE

1975-76      A H Jenkins BSc(Eng) FE FIStructE

1976-77      S  Boyes CEng MIEE

1977-78      B Calvert BSc(Eng) MICE FIEE







1978-79      P G Bowers CEng MICE MIMechE

1979-80      J D Thomas CEng MIEE

1980-81      A Horsfield CEng MIEE

1981-82      E J Millet CEng MIMarE

1982-83      J D Taylor DCE CEng FICE FCIWEM FConsE

1983-84      A Owen BSc AMIEE

1984-85      A I Forman CEng MIMechE

1985-86      P G Payne CEng MICE FBIM

1986-87      N A Brownridge CEng FIEE FIMechE

1987-88      T F Grisdale BSc(Eng) CEng MICE

1988-89      R H King BEng MSc CEng MICE

1989-90      W G Martin CEng MIEE MBIM

1990-91      B Nuttell CEng FIEE MCIBSE

1991-92      P O H Goode CEng MICE

1992-93      J Bartle BSc(Eng) CEng FIEE

1993-94      R Harben CEng MICE MIHT MIMgt

1994-95      G B Scott Eng AMICE

1995-96      L S Agabeg BSc CEng MICE

1996-97      C L Owens BSc CEng FICE FCIWEM

1997-98      M J Stuart BSc CEng  MICE

1998-99      P A Inwood BSc NDA CEng MICE MCIWEM FIAgE

1999-01      M Fletcher BEng MSc CEng CGeol MICIWEM FGS

2001-02      M Grayson BEng CEng MICE FCIWEM DMS

2002-03      P J Corrigan BSc CEng MICE

2003-04      S C Bielby BTech CEng MICE MIOSH RSP

2004-05      I Ravenscroft BSc(Hons) CEng FICE FCIWEM

2005-06      T Toole BSc(Hons) CEng FICE FCIWEM

2006-07      R Chaplin BSc(Hons) CEng MCIWEM

2007-08      N Ridgway BSc CEng MIET

2008-09      Mrs H Grayson BEng (Hons) CEng CEnv MICE MCIWEM DMS

2009-11      P Scaife BSc(Eng) CEng MICE

2011-12      Vacant

2012-16      Prof A Marvin

2016-          Prof J Everard